Blogger's Quilt Festival : Growth Review Art Quilt

Oh....and what is this you ask?

Detail of hand stitching "Growth Review"

 My entry piece for the Blogger's Quilt Fest. and newest finished piece!
I'm tentatively naming it "Growth Review" which I will explain in a moment.
I'm rather excited by this new piece, it kinda came out of no where and a doodle.


Pretty keen on this one I am. 

Okay, I'll keep it short and sweet. I was doodling before bed. Made a drawing similar to this art quilt. I was surprised by the face I drew. Like I didn't know where it came from. Anyhow, I went to sleep and the next day was determined to make something new. I have some deadlines coming up and needed a new piece to hang in an art show. 

I dove into a bag of green scraps and was intending on some mix of floral and geometric designs. A few hours later (right before bed) I finished piecing this. The face changed a bit from the drawing, and I changed it around two more times before I quilted it. Actually I changed my mind all over the place with this piece. It felt really good to have no guidelines or finished image to work toward. Anything could work.

I'm calling it "Growth Review" because I pondered on the artistic path I've followed over the last 10 years. (This year marks 10 years since my grandma's passing and the beginning of my journey into textile arts.)

Kinda heavy. I'm happy with my progress however. I've come a long way, from sewing for months before learning that my machine could Free Motion quilt instead of 'faking' it, to teaching, pattern writing, fabric dying and doll making. I feel like I've reached a whole new playing field. 
With serious determination, you can do anything!

"Growth Review"
12.5 in. x 26 in.
Machine and Hand stitching
Raw edge applique
Reverse applique

Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you'll vote for my art quilt  here.
Now go vote and visit all the amaz-balls amounts of talents out there all lining up for the show over at AmysCreativeSide.com



  1. This is a really interesting piece. It's kind of strange and familiar at the same time, probably much like someone after a huge stage of growth - so the name is apt! Your workmanship is incredible.

  2. Интересная необычная работа!!!


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