WIP Wednesday Summer Vacation At Last

The end of the school year can easily make one crazy. My students dwindled and I am more than glad to have time to myself again. I have lots of plans I've been drafting, from quilt designs to book writing, I've been anxious to get to it all.
I tend to drive myself crazy by attempting huge projects in tiny moments. I need to relax, give myself room to breath, create. Take my time. I've been wanting to write more tutorials, perhaps even a QAL of my own. I've got lots of ideas, but I've been in fits and starts for months, forgetting one simple rule to starting something new: Keep It Simple. Amazing what a difference that makes!
Here's some of today's table.

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Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Visiting from WIP! What IS that red pen?! Looks cool. Sounds like you're a teacher...I was...quit after 30 years, 2 years ago this month, egad. I'm intrigued by this face you're creating! Keep it Simple. Three good words that are never too often heard/said!

    1. Thanks for visiting! That red pen is actually a chalk pencil! A bit overly fancy and sometimes a real pain when you have to resharpen it, but your inquiry has inspired me to do a little post about the tools I use to mark fabric.
      I'm an after school art teacher so it's not quite as painful to me, but hooray for you making it 30 years!!!! I hope you're thoroughly enjoying your "you" time now! Thanks for visiting!


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